X Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum 2019

In September 2019 Bars IT automated a major event
for oil and gas industry specialists
Source: TASS Photo Host Agency

Customer: Sholkovy Put Exhibition and Convention Agency, Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum Organising Committee

Location: Tyumen

Project duration: September 2019

Solution provided: BARS.EXPO-2, a system of check-in, accreditation and access control for participants of competitions and mass events

Result obtained: A successful forum for 3,000+ participants with varying levels of access to event halls, programme events, catering and handouts
On the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum/TNGF website (, the event organisers describe it as "Russia's main industry forum, an annual business event of international level, bringing together more than 3,000 experts, representatives of federal ministries and agencies, top managers of market-leading companies. It includes various formats of work within the business programme and an exhibition of innovative technologies and developments in the fuel and energy sector".

This is a high-status, well-organised event for industry professionals and officials. "In 2019, the forum welcomed 3,000+ participants from 40+ regions of Russia. 75% of participants are top management of oil and gas companies from 20+ countries" (

A reliable check-in, accreditation and access control system was needed to efficiently check-in participants, visitors and TNGF staff, issue ID badges, differentiate access to different areas of the forum and control catering. The Organising Committee chose BARS.EXPO-2 as the system that best met the Customers' requirements.
Preliminary Check-in

Bars IT integrated its solution for preliminary check-in of forum participants and visitors with AMO CRM, which was used by the customer. As the event was international, it was possible to check in in Russian and English.

Comparing the data of people registered at TNGF with information from CRM is necessary for the Organising Committee to get the most complete picture of who is planning to attend the event. This information is essential to understand how to properly organise the event programme, differentiate access to it by categories of participation and plan:

  • how many categories of handouts to provide,
  • how many copies of these materials to print,
  • how many kits and what kind of food to provide on each day of the forum,
  • preparation for other organisational matters.

Such planning on the one hand saves huge amounts of money for the organisers of any large-scale event, and on the other hand allows them to emphasise the status of the visitors.
Participant Accreditation

With preliminary check-in in electronic form – on a smartphone or printed out on paper, TNGF participants and visitors accredited themselves in the pavilion next to the Tyumen Technopark, the venue of the event.

The purpose of accreditation was to give each participant an individual ID badge of the relevant category. It depended on whether the ID badge holder would get access to a particular area of the forum, the necessary handouts and meals during the event.

Bars IT provided 12 workplaces for accreditation operators. Each workstation included a laptop computer, a photo complex based on a web camera camera, a plastic card printer and a desktop card reader. This equipment is necessary to enable operators to:

  • search for participant, visitor, TNGF employee data by preliminary check-in questionnaire, code or personal data;
  • check the data and edit it if necessary;
  • take photos and issue ID badges;
  • control ID badges;
  • give back and replace ID badges;
  • issue and supervise handouts.

All information about the participant was recorded on a plastic card. It was inserted into an ID badge holder with a beautifully decorated backing – the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum programme was printed on it. This form of ID badge is convenient for the participants because it contains electronic information on the RFID card, and the event programme are always in front of their eyes.

Controlling Handouts

Based on the ID badge category, participants and visitors were given handouts. In this way the TNGF organisers could be sure that the right materials got into the hands of the right people.

Access Control and Differentiation

The Forum Organising Committee needed not only to control access to the event territory, but also to differentiate the passage of its participants to different areas of TNGF. To fulfil these requirements, Bars IT installed 5 access points – 3 at the entrance and exit from the Technopark and 2 at the entrance to the plenary session hall – with turnstiles and DK-V 2000 terminal-readers.
Bars IT provided 11 SEUIC A9 mobile data collection terminals to differentiate access to different halls and forum areas inside Technopark..

Security Monitors

An interesting feature of TNGF is the use of LCD security screens, which were installed next to several access points. They displayed the photo and name of the person passing through the turnstile. Visitors liked this form of greeting. In addition, security officers could see whether the photo on the ID badge matched the actual ID badge holder.
Catering Control

Only participants in several categories could receive meals at the forum. This was monitored by TNGF personnel by reading information from participants' ID badges using mobile data collection terminals.

Source: TASS Photo Host Agency
X Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum was excellently held. The TNGF Organising Committee was satisfied with Bars IT's work and all the company's equipment used at the forum.

Thanks to the efficient organisation of check-in, accreditation and access control using the BARS.EXPO-2 system, participants, visitors and forum staff were able to enter the areas of the event that were provided for by the ID badge category without any issues.

Each visitor who attended the TNGF was provided with the handouts he/she needed. Those groups of participants for whom meals were provided received them during the forum. The better the organisation of the event, the better the impressions from attending it, the greater the desire to come to the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum again.
X Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum 2019
Bars IT Team is glad that it managed to contribute to this large-scale, status event. The company will continue its cooperation with the Organising Committee of the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum. There are a lot of videos about TNGF on its website – take a look at them to understand how the forum is held and what significance it has for your industry.
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