Skating Rink Automation

BARS Payment and Access System allows to increase the capacity of the ice rink
and organise authorised access to it
For 30+ years we have been developing and installing payment and access systems in Russia and neighbouring countries. Our solutions help to fight "pain points" in the work of various enterprises that prevent them from earning more – queues at cash registers, staff abuse, etc.

What is Bars Payment and Access System?

Программно-аппаратный комплекс, локально устанавливаемый на горнолыжном курорте
Software and hardware complex locally installed at the facility
 Автоматизация рабочих мест кассира, администратора, проката, службы инструкторов горнолыжного курорта
Automation of workplaces of cashier, administrator, rental shop and instructor services, etc.
 Контроль прохода посетителя к подъемнику и на другие объекты с помощью бесконтактных карт
Visitor passage control with contactless cards
BARS payment and access system connects all payment nodes, cash desks, mobile terminals on the one hand, and access points and turnstiles on the other.

As the manager of a ski resort, you have full control over all payments in a "one-stop-shop" mode – lift access, payment for instructors, rental shop, parking, hotel and catering outlets.

Season Tickets and Single Visits
Charging options:
  • Single pass
  • Session visits
  • Time charging

Flow dispatching:
  • With own skates
  • With skate hire
Skate Hire
Customer service technology
depending on the scale of hire and layout:
  • Combined Automated Cashier/Hire Workstation
  • Separate Automated Cashier's Workstation and Automated Workplace for Hire

Hire options:
  • Deposit/no deposit
  • Single ticket: admission+rental
  • With/without labelling

Within the Framework of Automation of
Unified System of Payment For Services

we carry out automation of various enterprises and departments. They can work both on the territory of the ice rink and remotely in another location.
  • Catering
    Automation of restaurants, cafes and other catering facilities
  • Hotel
    Hotel automation
  • Car park
    Car park automation

What is Skating Rink Automation
Needed For?

Control visitors' access to the skating rink, automate the sale of skating rink access cards and equipment hire, as well as the work of instructors. Ensure high speed of service and throughput into the skating area and at the exit.
Автоматизация управления всеми элементами системы управления горнолыжным курортом
Automation of control of all system elements
Предотвращения злоупотреблений со стороны персонала и посетителей
Preventing abuse by staff and visitors
Экономия на фонде оплаты труда сотрудников горнолыжного курорта
Savings on labour costs
Эффективные маркетинговые программы
Effective marketing programmes
Новые технологии, повышающие качество и скорость обслуживания
New technologies that improve the quality and speed of customer service
Рост выручки горнолыжного комплекса в среднем на 30%
Average revenue growth
of the skating rink by 30%

Savings on Labour Costs

Savings in payroll are achieved due to the following factors

Preventing Abuse by Staff and Visitors

The access control system is integrated into the existing video surveillance system and allows visual control of the turnstile operation
Система контроля доступа интегрируется в существующую систему видеонаблюдения на горнолыжном комплексе
На мониторе оператора отображается подробная информация о посетителе, который проходит через турникет
Passage Сontrol
The operator's monitor displays detailed information about the visitor who is passing through the turnstile

Fighting for the Сustomer

Marketing programmes help to attract new and retain its long-standing customers
Бонусная накопительная система стимулирует посетителя возвращаться к вам снова и снова
Bonus savings
Encourage the visitor to come back to you again and again
С помощью клиентской базы на сайте или в мобильном приложении делайте адресные маркетинговые предложения
Personalised customer base
With a customer base on the website or mobile app, make targeted marketing offers
ППС Барс — это скорость и качество обслуживания клиентов ГЛК
Speed and quality of customer service
The better the service,
the more customers!

Why Us?

  • Modern, rapidly developing software
  • Comprehensive automation of all business processes
  • Flexibility of the equipment used in the system according to customer's specifications and budget
  • Market leader
  • We are always here because
    we are a Russian vendor

Service and Technical Support

  • Free
    software update
  • Free
    technical support by email
  • "Hotline"
    7 days a week
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