Automation of Sports & Wellness Centres With Swimming Pools

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System
at sports facilities with swimming pools and fitness centres

What is Payment and Access System for Sports & Wellness Centres?

The payment and access system controls visitors' access to various facilities of the sports venue and visitors' payment for services. There are payment points at the sports facility, there are checkpoints in the form of turnstiles or ticket readers, and all this is combined into a system covering all aspects of the sports facility's activities.
BARS Payment and Access System connects all payment nodes, cash desks, mobile terminals on the one hand, and access points and turnstiles on the other.

As the manager of a sports & wellness centre with lots of different sports groups and clubs and access areas, you get full control over all payments in a "one-stop-shop" mode – admission to the sports facility, payment for additional services.

Distributed Management System
For Sports Facilities

Единая система управления всеми спортивными объектами
All facilities, even if they are located in different places, are managed from one place.

The manager has access to information relating to all aspects of sports & wellness centres and other sports venues.

BARS Payment and Access System will unite all venues and all sports facilities into one.
what is the bars system NEEDED for

Goals of Implementation of
BARS Payment and Access System

Payment and Access System is needed so that you can offer visitors a more modern and convenient customer service, increase the profit of the sports facility, and receive complete and accurate reports on the state of affairs at your sports & wellness centre.

Centralised Reporting and Control Over
All Aspects of Sports Facility's Operations

  • Благодаря автоматизации вы получите Управляемость и прозрачность деятельности спортивного объекта​.
    Control from a single location and a variety of manager's reports increase the transparency of the sports facility's operations.
  • Система предлагает различные инструменты для борьбы со злоупотреблениями персонала и посетителей​
    Preventing Abuse
    The system offers various tools to combat abuse by staff and visitors.
  • Благодаря интеграции с системой видеонаблюдения и регистрации различных событий вы повышаете безопасность стадиона
    By integrating with the existing video surveillance system and recording various events, you increase the safety of the sports facility.
  • Revenue Growth
    Introduction of ticket sales via website or mobile application, self-service cash desks, automatic lockers, etc. reduces labour costs and increase the sports facility's capacity.
  • Благодаря прозрачности, автоматизации, исключения «человеческого фактора» вы повышаете скорость и качество обслуживания.
    Service Quality Improvement
    You increase the speed and quality of customer service due to transparency, automation, elimination of the "human factor".
  • В нашу систему включены различные программы лояльности
    Loyalty programmes
    Colory and DKLink CLM loyalty programmes are included in the BARS system.

Sports Facility Revenue Growth

Автоматизация управления всеми элементами системы аквапарка или бассейна
Automation of control of all elements of a sports facility
Предотвращения злоупотреблений со стороны персонала и посетителей бассейнка или аквапарка
Preventing abuse by staff and visitors
Экономия на фонде оплаты труда бассейна или аквапарка
Savings on labour costs
Эффективные маркетинговые программы
Effective marketing programmes
Новые технологии, повышающие качество и скорость обслуживания посетителей бассейна или аквапарка
New technologies that improve the quality and speed of customer service
Рост выручки бассейна или аквапарка в среднем на 30%
Average revenue growth
of the facility by 30%
Resource Management: Scheduling, Hire, Booking
Adaptation for
different categories of visitors
  • Public sector employees
  • Legal entities
  • Individuals

  • Pensioners
  • Students
  • Schoolchildren
Booking of events for a certain date and time by specialists and visitors

Flexible setting of tariff plans depending on the day of the week, time of day, duration of the session, category of visitors
Working With Personnel
  • In-house
  • Under contract

Setting up scheduling and planning of staff schedules for group sessions and individual ones

Searching for necessary resources, specialists, controlling their availability and accessibility

Supervisor's Reports

The system offers over 100 variants of supervisor's reports. With their help you control all aspects of the sports facility activity. The manager can receive reports both on his computer and on his mobile phone.
  • Event Statistics
    Complete statistics on attendance of sports & wellness centres, etc.
  • Financial Statements
    Financial reporting,
    cost control.
  • Attendance of Sports Clubs
    Detailed reports on sports club attendance, class times.

Combating Abuse and Ensuring Safety

A whole range of technical solutions and special modules of BARS Payment and Access System allows the sports facility manager to minimise losses from abuse by staff and visitors.
Контроль доступа в любую зону стадиона
Access Control
Visitors and employees enter any area of a sports venue through a turnstile, allowing to control access to that area.
Если какой-то человек попал в ваш «черный список» то он не сможет пройти через пропускной пункт благодаря интегрированной в ППС системе распознования лиц
Face Recognition System
If a person is on your blacklist, he/she will not be able to pass through the checkpoint, thanks to the facial recognition system integrated into the payment and access system.
Платежно-пропускную систему «Барс»​ мы оснащаем специальным досмотровым оборудованием
Entrance Screening
BARS Payment and Access System is equipped with special entrance screening equipment.
Identification by Card
Access is provided with an RFID card or ticket identification.
Платежно-пропускная системы устанавливает зоны стадиона или спортивных объектов с различными правами доступа
Differentiation of Access Rights
Payment and Access System divides a sports facility into separate areas with different access rights – no unauthorised person will be able to go where they are not supposed to go.
Руководство осуществляет онлайн-мониторинг всех спортивных объектов в режиме реального времени, в том числе и с помощью сотового телефона
Real-time Monitoring
Management monitors online all sports venues in real time, including via mobile phone.

Key Features

Automate your sports facility to offer visitors top-level customer service, increase its speed and make visitors' stay with you more comfortable

Make Buying a Ticket Convenient and Fast

BARS Payment and Access System contains a ticketing module that you can embed into the website of a sports venue and sell season tickets or sessions directly on the website. The visitor will be able to use these tickets to pass through the facility's turnstiles.
Модуль продажи билетов через сайт так удобен и функционален. Посетитель может получить билет любым удобным способом:

The module for selling tickets through the website is convenient and functional. A visitor can get a ticket in any convenient way by receiving:

  1. A special code.
  2. A QR code, which the visitor can print out on a printer.
  3. A notification to a mobile phone.
  4. A notification to an email.

Universal Payment Card for
All Sports Facility Services

A universal payment card for all sport facility services is convenient for visitors. They will be able to pay for any services, for their visit to a cafe or car park by using a universal payment card or wristband.
Единая карта оплаты всех услуг стадиона или спортивного объекта — это удобно для посетителя

Bank Card as Ticket to
Sports & Wellness Centre

Visitors can use their bank card
as a pass to the centre
  • Buy a session without queuing at the box office. Payment is automatically deducted from the bank card according to the tariff plan.
  • Bonus card with the ability to accumulate and spend bonuses on the territory of the sports facility.
  • No card issuance and maintenance costs for both the sports & wellness centre owner and the guest.

Why Us?

  • Modern, rapidly developing software
  • Comprehensive automation of all business processes
  • Flexibility of the equipment used in the system according to customer's specifications and budget
  • Market leader
  • We are always here because
    we are a Russian vendor
30+ years in the market of payment and access systems
Over three hundred realised projects in Russia and CIS countries
Average revenue growth of sports venues

Implementations of BARS Payment and Access System

Внедрения платежно-пропускной системы на стадионах - бассейн ЦСКА
Внедрения платежно-пропускной системы на стадионах - Halyk Arena в Алматы, Казахстан
Внедрения платежно-пропускной системы на стадионах - Спортклуб Хабарское

BARS Payment and Access System at sports venues. Case studies

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