Bank Card Instead of Ticket or Ski Pass

Instead of a ski pass at a ski resort or a ticket to an amusement ride in a park, use a bank card or a mobile phone.
Sberbank and DataKrat offer a new solution for ski resorts, amusement parks and other facilities. From now on, a visitor can pass through the turnstile not only with a ski pass or ticket, but also by using a bank card.

How Does It Work?

Оплата за услуги ГЛК может списываться с банковской карты или сотового телефона, оснащенного модулем бесконтактных платежей, непосредственно на пропускном пункте.
  • 1
    Bank Card as Pass
    Instead of a ski pass or ticket, visitors use their bank card or a mobile phone that supports Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay.
  • 2
    Payment is Deducted from Bank Card
    Payment for the services of the ski resort can be debited from a bank card or mobile phone equipped with a contactless payment module directly at the checkpoint.
  • 3
    Sberbank Acts as Payment Operator
    The payment operator is Sberbank, which guarantees high reliability and processing speed.
  • 4
    Money is Deposited In Any Bank
    The money is then credited to your current account in any bank in Russia.


What benefits do you get by implementing a bank card payment system at your ski resort or amusement park?
Внедрив наше решение вы увеличите скорость обслуживания ваших посетителей и сократите очереди до минимума.
No Queues
By implementing this solution, you will increase the speed of service for your visitors and reduce queues to a minimum.
Наше решение позволяет эффективно бороться с ошибками, вызванными «человеческим фактором», а так же со злоупотреблениями персонала
Eliminating Errors and Abuses
This solution effectively combats errors caused by the "human factor" as well as staff abuse.
Higher Level of Service
The more comfortable your guests are, the more likely they are to come to you again and again.
Transparency of Payments
You receive a complete report on all payments. The reports are integrated into the existing BARS payment and pass system.

How to Activate the Service
"Bank Card Instead of Ski Pass"?

Request a quote from Bars IT
Acquiring agreement
Sign an acquiring agreement with Sberbank
We will install the solution both at facilities with a Bars payment and access system and those that do not have this system.


30 days
The average implementation period is 30 days
Starting from
149,000 rubles
The cost of integration of this solution for those facilities that use the BARS payment and access system will be 149,000 rubles
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