Payment and Access Systems

Платежно-пропускные системы Барс для автоматизации горнолыжных комплексов, аквапарков, бассейнов, парков развлечений
BARS payment and access systems for automation of ski resorts, water parks and swimming pools, amusement parks, stadiums, sports & wellness centres, ice arenas, skating rinks and exhibitions...

Over 30 years of operation, our payment and access systems have proven themselves as convenient and reliable solutions at a variety of facilities.

Features of BARS Technological Solution
  • 1. The solution is based on 30+ years of experience
    and expertise in automation in the market of payment and access systems and ticketing ones.
  • 2. Modularity is a unique feature of our approach
    The modularity of both software and hardware allows Bars IT to offer its product to the widest range of customers: from the budget segment to the most premium one.

    In the range of offered executive devices (access control readers, turnstiles, ticket offices, self-service kiosks, mobile devices, etc.), with which Bars IT's software and electronics are compatible, customers will be able to find equipment from various manufacturers and wide price categories.

    This allows us to cover almost the entire spectrum of the customer market.
  • 3. Openness to integration
    Bars IT's product line includes integration with other systems necessary to automate various customer businesses:
    • Restaurant automation ("r_keeper", "IIKO"),
    • Hotel automation ("TNG", "Shellter"),
    • Car park automation ("PRS", there is also a car park automation solution within BARS),
    • СLM systems ("UDS Game"),
    • СRM systems,
    • Widely used accounting programmes: ("Accounting", "Enterprise"),
    • Ticket distributors ("", "", etc.),
    • Video surveillance and video recognition (including face recognition),
    • Possibility to use a bank card instead of a ski pass or ticket.

    In addition, Bars IT provides APIs (e.g. for embedding into websites) for integration with any open client systems.
  • 4. Customised product enhancements
    Willingness of Bars IT Team to perform product refinements to meet individual customer requirements.
  • 5. Financial services
    Bars IT pays great attention to providing its customers with various financial services.

    For the business of a large enterprise working in conjunction with other legal entities, BARS Payment and Access System provides an opportunity to use various schemes of settlements between them using deposit or credit system, as well as settlements on commission basis.

    Besides, the BARS system is supplemented with BarsPay mobile application and PayMob mobile universal cash desk for remote sale and replenishment of season tickets and ski passes.
  • All of the above 5 key features make Bars IT's solution highly competitive. The company provides the most efficient and innovative solutions tailored to the current business needs.
The specific character of our approach is that we combine all systems into a unified one – from food and drink venues to car parks.
30+ years
in the market of payment and access systems
of operation
implementations at mass events, sports and entertainment facilities

BARS Payment and Access Systems
for Sports and Entertainment Facilities

Платежно-пропускные системы для автоматизации горнолыжных курортов
Билетно-пропускные системы для парков аттракционов и развлечений
Платежно-пропускная система «Барс» для аквапарков, бассейнов, спа
автоматизация стадинов, спортивных комплексов и спортивных клубов
Автоматизация автомобильных парковок
Payment and access system for ice arenas and skating rinks
Система регистрации, аккредитации и контроля доступа участников массовых мероприятий

Key Structural Elements of
BARS Payment and Access System
BARS Administrator
  • management of system objects and data flow;
  • configuration of workplace functionality;
  • set up of the system environment;
  • set up of information for accounting and managing the facility;
  • additional service.
BARS Cashier
  • set up of points of sales of goods and services by cash desk operators;
  • differentiation of user access rights;
  • visitors' payment for services and/or goods in cash and other than in cash;
  • making of all cash transactions in one software shell;
  • selling the entire list of goods and services.
BARS Rental
  • issuance of inventory – we withdraw the payment amount from the client's account;
  • acceptance of inventory – we withdraw a fee for the use of inventory according to the tariff rate from the client's account;
  • monitoring of information about inventory and the client based on his or her card code or barcode;
  • maintaining a directory of the company's inventory.
The company specializes in sale and implementation of software and hardware appliances designed for automation of mass cultural events, sports and entertainment facilities.

BARS IT implements solutions for the automation of such business processes as management of such facilities, sale of tickets and season tickets, rental of equipment, check-in, accreditation and identification of visitors and employees, integration of related services.

The company provides consulting services on the use of software solutions to optimize business processes.

The BARS brand is well known in the market of payment and access systems. The BARS system has been implemented at more than 1,000+ facilities.

Reference List

A large, but not the entire, list of implemented cases of the BARS payment and access system at various facilities in Russia and neighbouring countries is given on the website. Take a look at the list of the projects implemented at ski resorts, water parks and swimming pools, amusement parks and entertainment facilities.

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