Automation of Water Parks,
Thermal Centres and Saunas

BARS Payment and Access System for automation of
water parks and thermae
Платежно-пропускные системы БАРС для аквапарков, бассейнов, спа

Automation is the Way
to Improve Customer Service

What should a water park or thermae be like, where you want to come back again and again? And it is not only about visitors, but also about the employees of the complex. Satisfied customers, attentive staff, quality customer service, additional profit – is there a holy grail that can provide all this?

In those water parks, where Bars Payment and Access System has been implemented, business processes are well-established. This means that visitors are served faster and receive a higher level of service. Customers pay for all services – rental, café, access to the swimming area – using a single card or wristband.

What is Payment and Access System?

Payment and Access System, sometimes also called Ticketing and Access System, is a hardware and software complex that manages visitors' access to the facility.
BARS Payment and Access System connects all payment nodes, cash desks, mobile terminals on the one hand, and access points and turnstiles on the other.

As the manager of a water park, you have full control over all payments in a "one-stop-shop" mode – access to the water park territory and its paid zones, payment for instructors, rental shop, parking, hotel and catering outlets.

Revenue Growth

Автоматизация управления всеми элементами системы аквапарка или бассейна
Automation of control of all elements of the system

Предотвращения злоупотреблений со стороны персонала и посетителей бассейнка или аквапарка
Preventing abuse by staff and visitors
Экономия на фонде оплаты труда бассейна или аквапарка
Savings on labour costs
Эффективные маркетинговые программы
Effective marketing programmes
Новые технологии, повышающие качество и скорость обслуживания посетителей бассейна или аквапарка
New technologies that improve the quality and speed of customer service
Рост выручки бассейна или аквапарка в среднем на 30%
Average revenue growth
of the facility by 30%

What a Water Park, Sauna and Thermae Automation System Consists of

The BARS payment and access system controls visitors' access to various facilities of the complex and their payment for services. It sounds simple. You have payment points, you have access points in the form of turnstiles with card or wristband readers, and all this is combined into a system that covers all aspects of water park or thermae activities.

Sales of Tickets to Water Park
or Thermae on Website

В платежно-пропускную систему Барс интегрированы продажи билетов в аквапарк или бассейн на сайте

The visitor can pay for the visit to the water park on the website. In response, he/she will receive a QR code or a digital code to his email or phone, which he/she can print and present in the water park.
Example of ticket sales on the Aquamir water park website
Example of ticket sales on the Atoll water park website
Example of ticket sales on the Gorillapark website

Points of Sale

Автоматизация мест продаж: кассовый узел, телевизионная панель, пункт проката
  1. When arriving at the water park, the visitor can exchange the code received for a ticket or buy a ticket on the spot.
  2. At the ticket office at the entrance to the water park, the visitor receives an electronic card or a waterproof wristband, and can also rent all the necessary equipment.
  3. The sales points are equipped with TV panels that can broadcast adverts or other useful information.

Information Terminals

Information terminals can be located in the ticket office area, next to turnstiles and in any other places. They display necessary information about the operation of the water park or sauna, such as class schedules or tariff plans.
Example of information panel with water park tariff plans on weekdays
Example of information panel with water park tariff plans on weekends
Schedule of water activities in Aquamir Water Park at the information terminal
The information terminals can be TV panels or special information kiosks.
Номер шкафчика автоматической камеры хранения вам напомнить информационный киоск
Информационный киос, устанавливаемый в авкапарках
Вариант исполнения информационного киоска на турникете при входе в комплекс
Информационные терминалы на телевизонных панелях, установленные в кассовой зоне
Информационный киоск, установленный в автоматической камере хранения

Self-service Cash Desk

С помощью кассы самообслуживания посетитель аквапарка может оплатить посещение, получить и сдать карту или браслет

Visitors to the water park can use the self-service cash desk, pay on the spot or enter a code and receive a visitor's card and wristband in return.
Исполнение киоска кассы самообслуживания СкиБарс2.Bank
Касса самообслуживания СкиБарс.Pay Mini
Касса самообслуживания СкиБарс2.2Р
Касса самообслуживания СкиБарс2.ТП-10
Терминал кассы самообслуживания СкиБарс2.ТП-43
Касса самообслуживания СкиБарс2.ТПБМ-43
Касса самообслуживания СкиБарс.Pay
Касса самообслуживания СкиБарс2.ТКФ-69

Automatic Locker

Шкафчики в автоматической камере хранения можно открыть с помощью браслета

The lockers in the changing rooms are equipped with a special locking system: the lock can be opened with a wristband. The number of the locker can be found at the information kiosk.
Шкафчики в автоматической камере хранания. Внешний вид
Внешний вид шкафчиков в автоматической камере хранения
Специальная замковая система — шкафчик можно открыть с помощью браслета
Информационный киоск подскажет вам номер вашего шкафчика
Замок открывается с помощью браслета
Так выглядит замок шкафчика в автоматической камере хранения

Universal Ticket for All Goods
and Services of Complex

Дополнительные услуги, прокат, отель, автопарковку и т. д. посетитель может оплатить как картой, так и браслетом.

The visitor can pay for additional services, rental shop, hotel, car parking, etc. with either a card or wristband.

The wristband and card also act as keys to the hotel room or locker in the locker room, pass through the turnstile.

Turnstiles and Access Points
in All Water Park Areas

Проход по единому билету через турникеты в мокрую зону и другие зоны аквапарка

Access to the wet zone and other water park areas via a universal ticket.

Exit and Surcharge Cashier

На выходе посетитель сдает браслет в браслетоприемник, а кассир принимает доплату.

At the exit, the visitor hands the wristband into the wristband receiver and the cashier accepts the surcharge.

Mobile Payment Acceptance

Thanks to a mobile terminal connected to BARS Payment and Access System, you can accept payments not only at stationary cash desks, but anywhere. This is convenient for visitors, as an employee with a mobile terminal can move freely.
Сard payment acceptance
Wristband as a payment means
Mobile cash desk for debiting funds for water park services
Mobile rental operator
Within the Framework of Automation
of Unified System of Payment for Services
You can automate various enterprises and departments. They can work both on the territory of the water park and remotely in another location.
  • Catering
    Automation of restaurants, cafes
    and other catering facilities
  • Hotel
    Hotel automation
  • Car park
    Car park automation

Why Us?

  • Modern, rapidly developing software
  • Comprehensive automation of all business processes
  • Flexibility of the equipment used in the system according to customer's specifications and budget
  • Market leader
  • We are always here because
    we are a Russian vendor

Service and Technical Support

  • Free
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BARS Payment and Access System in water parks, saunas and thermae. Case studies

List of Implementations

Автоматизация Аквапарка Дельфин в Краснодарском крае с помощью платежно-пропускной системы Барс
Аквапарк H2O (Ростов-на-Дону) использует платежно-пропукную систему БАРС
Автоматизация аквапарка Аквамир. Аквапарк входит в ТОП-10 крупнейших в Европе
Автоматизация московского бассейна ЦСКА с помощью ППС Барс
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