Automation of Amusement Parks and Entertainment Facilities

via BARS Payment and Access System

Automation is the Way
to Improve Customer Service

You surely have a lot of questions about what is amusement park automation, how is it organised and why is it needed?

In its basic version, automation involves the implementation of a payment and access system. Its aim is to control the visitors' passage to various park facilities and payment for services. It sounds simple. You have payment points, you have access points in the form of turnstiles or an electronic pass reader (RFID card), and all this is combined into a system that covers all aspects of the amusement park.

The customer pays for the services of the complex, receives an electronic pass or wristband and can use it to use all the services – any rides and attractions, rental shop, catering or car parking. You, as a manager, can be sure that all services used by the customer are paid for, abuse is minimised, and the "human factor" is practically eliminated.

What is Payment and Access System?

BARS Payment and Access System, sometimes also called Ticketing and Access System, manages visitors' access to the facility.
BARS Payment and Access System connects all payment nodes, cash desks, mobile terminals on the one hand, and access points and turnstiles on the other.

Park management get full control over all payments in a "one-stop-shop" mode – payment for an entrance ticket and a ticket to an amusement ride, rental shop, parking, hotel and catering outlets.

Park Revenue Growth

Автоматизация управления всеми элементами системы парка аттракционов или развлечений
Automating the management of all elements of the park
Предотвращения злоупотреблений со стороны персонала и посетителей парка
Preventing abuse by staff and visitors
Экономия на фонде оплаты труда парков аттракционов или развлечений
Savings on labour costs
Эффективные маркетинговые программы
Effective marketing programmes
Новые технологии, повышающие качество и скорость обслуживания посетителей парка
New technologies that improve the quality and speed of customer service
Рост выручки парка аттракционов или развлечений в среднем на 30%
Average revenue growth
of the facility by 30%

Key Features

The Bars system, which is the basis of amusement park automation,
has a number of advantages.

Savings on Labour Costs

Savings in payroll are achieved due to the following factors

More Sales Channels

BARS Payment and Access System allows users to create additional sales channels
  • Websites and
    specialised portals
    In addition to sales via your own mobile app or website, with the BARS system you can organise sales via ticket sites
  • Coupon
    You can also distribute amusement park tickets through coupon sites for marketing purposes.
  • Ticket
    You have the opportunity to sell tickets through specialised ticket terminals

Preventing Abuse by Staff and Visitors

  • Signal lamps
    Every time someone passes into the amusement ride area, a special warning light goes off and an employee monitors the situation.
  • Integration with video surveillance system
    The access control system is integrated into the existing video surveillance system.
  • Passage monitor
    You can remotely view everyone who has passed through the checkpoints, and for visitors registered in the system, see detailed information.

How Does the Integration With the Video Surveillance System Work?

Интеграция ППС Барс с системой видеонаблюдения позволяет бороться со злоупотреблениями персонала и посетителей парка
  1. Comparison of "SkiBars2" system data with video footage of real events obtained from the video surveillance system:
    - ticket sales (strict reporting forms/smart cards),
    - issuing/receiving equipment in the rental shop,
    - passages through the turnstile.
  2. Broadcasting of the video sequence of the event recorded in the payment and access system.

Mobile Application

For your amusement park, there is a convenient mobile app through which visitors can pay for your services – this will save them time and make their visit to the park more enjoyable.
Operating systems: Android (starting from version 4.1), iOS
Full information about the amusement park and entertainment facility
Customized design
and branding
Мобильное приложение, брендированное для парка аттракционов или развлечений
Purchase of season tickets, top-up of account
Information about promotions held
Purchase history,
balance view

Use Bank Card or Mobile Phone Instead of Ticket

Bars IT offers new technologies that are convenient for amusement park visitors – a ticket may well replace a bank card or a mobile phone.

Bank Card as Ticket
to Amusement Ride

Visitors can use their bank cards as a ticket
to an amusement ride
  • Buy a ticket for the attraction without queuing at the cash desk. Payment is automatically deducted from the bank card according to the tariff plan.
  • Open a credit limit and possibility to accumulate % on the balance of own funds on the bank card.
  • Bonus card with the ability to accumulate and spend bonuses in the park.
  • No costs for issuance and maintenance of the card both for the park owner and the guest!

Mobile Phone as Ticket
to Amusement Ride

Visitors can get to an amusement ride
by using a mobile phone.
  • Purchase of goods and payment for additional services of the park using a mobile phone.
  • Mobile payments – the device acts as a payment card.

Accepting Payments for Park Services Using Mobile Terminal

Благодаря мобильному терминалу подключенному к ППС «Барс» вы можете принимать платежи не только на стационарных кассовых узлах, но и в любом месте.

Thanks to a mobile terminal connected to the BARS Payment and Access System, you can accept payments not only at stationary cash points, but anywhere. This is convenient for visitors, as an employee with a mobile terminal can move freely throughout the park.

The mobile terminal accepts any form of payment – with an electronic wristband, RFID card, QR or barcode.

The visitor can also pay for any services and goods.

Within the Framework of Automation of the Unified System of Payment for Services

Bars IT automates various enterprises and departments. They can work both on the territory of the amusement park and remotely in another location.
  • Catering
    Automation of restaurants, cafes
    and other catering facilities
  • Hotel
    Hotel automation
  • Car park
    Car park automation

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