EQUIPMENT FOR BARS Payment and Access System

DK-V2000 Terminal-reader

The DK-V2000 terminal-reader reads information from cards and tickets, displays the data on the display and controls the turnstile
DK-V2000 Terminal-reader is an identification device designed for checking and displaying information from electronic media at access points operating under the control of BARS payment and access control systems, BARS. EXPO-2 registration, accreditation and access control systems.

Usage options

DK-V2000 Terminal-reader can work as
an identification device and information kiosk
DK-V2000 Terminal-reader
As Identification Device
DK-V2000 fulfils the functions of an identification device – checking, displaying information from electronic media, and controlling executive devices – turnstiles, gates, doors or barriers.
DK-V2000 Terminal-reader
As Information Kiosk
DK-V2000 fulfils the functions of an information kiosk – it checks and displays information from electronic media (to check the balance, for example).

DK-V2000 Design Variants

Валидатор производится в двух исполнениях — это может быть устройство со сканером штрих-кода и RFID-считывателем, либо же просто с RFID-считывателем
The terminal-reader is produced in two versions –
it can be a device with a barcode scanner and RFID reader, or just with an RFID reader.

Areas of Application

DK-V2000 Terminal-reader is used for payment and ticketing systems of ski resorts, stadiums and sports facilities, ice arenas, for registration and access control systems of business events and industry exhibitions, for car park automation.
Валидатор DK-V2000 используется в ППС для аквапарков, бассейнов и спа
Валидатор DK-V2000 используется в платжено-пропускных системах стадионов и спортивных объектов
Валидатор DK-V2000 используется в системах доступа на деловых саммитах, отраслевых выставках
Валидатор DK-V2000 используется в билетно-пропускных системах ледовых дворцов спорта
Валиадтор DK-V2000 используется в платжено-пропускных системах парков развлечений и аттракционов
Валидатор испоьзуется в платежно-пропускных системах горнолыжгых комплексов
Валидатор DK-V2000 используется в автоматизации автопаркингов

Mounting Options

DK-V2000 can be mounted on the wall, directly on the turnstile or on a special stand
Wall-mounted version of the DK-V2000 terminal-reader
Mounting the DK-V2000 terminal-reader directly on the turnstile
Mounting the terminal-reader directly on the turnstile
Stand-mounted terminal-reader option

Key Features

Signal Lamp
with seven colour indication options identifies the passage of children, VIP and other groups
A special protective visor protects the terminal from atmospheric influences
Both the case and visor can be optionally available in different colours
The graphic display can be branded to the customer's specifications
Unified Area
for reading different formats - RFID media, printed barcodes or QR code cards
Display Protection
against mechanical damage and sun glare (optional)

Technical characteristics

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