XI Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum 2020

The BARS.EXPO-2 mass event automation system was used at TNF2020 to check in and accredit 3,000 exhibitors and guests
ID Photo: TNF press service

Customer: Sholkovy Put Exhibition and Convention Agency, Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum Organising Committee

Location: Tyumen

Project duration: September 2020

Task at hand: Ensure check-in of several thousand participants and visitors, issuance of ID badges and handouts, control over provision of health certificates, access to business programme events and meals

Solution provided: BARS.EXPO-2, a system of check-in, accreditation and access control for participants of competitions and mass events

Result obtained: the forum was successfully held despite severe constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic. All registered participants received ID badges, personal protective equipment and marketing materials of the right level

What TNF2020 was
The XI Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum was held in the penultimate week of September 2020 at the city Technopark. The event was attended by about 3,000 guests and participants.

Access to TNF2020 venues was restricted to those who had confirmed their health status with a certificate. Forum participants had the opportunity to take a coronavirus test at the airport or before entering the event grounds. Personal protective equipment (mask, gloves and antiseptic) was provided to all accredited visitors.

In the exhibition part of TNF2020, exhibitors showed advanced developments – innovative products and services of the fuel and energy complex.
The Forum Organising Committee was looking for a solution capable of ensuring registration of several thousand participants and visitors, issuing ID badges and handouts of different levels, controlling the provision of health certificates, controlling access to business programme events and catering.
The BARS.EXPO-2 hardware and software system met the Customer's main requirements and was tested by Customer in practice in 2019.

Thanks to the BARS.EXPO-2 web-platform, it was possible to issue ID badges anywhere in the city where there is an Internet connection. Therefore, forum participants received their ID badges wherever it was convenient for them – either at the Tyumen airport, at the Mercure Tyumen Centre hotel, or at the pavilion at Technopark.
Equipment of Check-in Operators' Workplaces

In agreement with Customer, Bars IT's Mass Events Automation Department equipped 13 automated workstations where ID badges were issued. Each place consisted of a laptop, a printer, a scanner, a photocomplex and a package of consumables. Three ID badge issuing points worked round the clock.

Gifts to Certain Categories of Visitors

Gift sets with TNF2020 presentation materials were intended for certain categories of visitors. To get a set, you had to show your ID badge to an operator at one of the 3 locations and BARS.EXPO-2 checked whether the gift set was given to a certain forum participant. If not, the participant received a briefcase with materials.

After handing out a set, information about it – date, time and operator – was recorded in the BARS.EXPO-2 system, so that the briefcase with materials would not have to be handed out again. Such record saves the organiser's budget significantly, as a certain amount of handouts gets only to those visitors for whom they are intended.
Access Control at XI Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum
Bars IT controlled access at the event by directing attendees to 3 turnstiles on the TNF2020 grounds and 3 turnstiles in the main event hall. We supplied the necessary equipment – 6 turnstiles and 2 welcome screens. They displayed the welcome message for the guests and participants of the forum.

Turnstiles integrated into BARS.EXPO-2 at the forum allowed only those who passed the COVID-19 test and confirmed the "healthy" status to pass through.

Nine hand-held mobile terminals were used to control access to the business programme events and the catering area.
XI Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum
Registered forum participants pass by ID badge through the turnstile.
Strict control over the access of all categories of participants to the TNF2020 venues ensured safety, including epidemiological safety, which is crucial during a pandemic. The integrity of the BARS.EXPO-2 system allows it to instantly take into account all changes in the event programme, ID badges issued or withdrawn, and food permits.

Based on this information, the Forum Organising Committee not only solves the tasks set, but also sees how interesting and well attended a particular programme event turned out to be. On the basis of such data, subsequent events can and should be planned.

Visitors and participants of TNF2020 expected a high level of forum organisation and these expectations were met. Our colleagues from Mass Events Automation Department are proud to cooperate with the organising committee of the Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum and will be happy to continue helping to organise this large and high-profile event.
XI Tyumen Oil & Gas Forum
Photo: TNF press service

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