Swimming Pool Automation
in Tyumen Region

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System in Dolphin swimming pool in Yalutorovsk

: Dolphin Swimming Pool

Location: Yalutorovsk, Tyumen Region, Russia

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for sports & wellness centres wih swimming pools and fitness centres

About the Facility

A new swimming pool for adults and children with a fitness centre in Yalutorovsk with an area of more than 4,5 thousand sq.m (25x16 metres), 6 swimming lanes, 600 cubic metres, equipped with the most modern water treatment technology.

BARS Payment and Access System: 2 cash desks, 2 information terminals, 2 turnstiles with terminal-readers, 3 electromagnetic locks with controller and reader

The territory of the complex includes a swimming pool area and an area of additional paid services – a fitness centre. All areas are automated using the BARS payment and access system.

Cash desks on the ground floor allow visitors to quickly and conveniently register a season ticket or a single visit at different tariff plans, receive an electronic wristband for access to the selected area, to the changing rooms, avoiding queues.

The security of guests' personal belongings in the lockers is ensured by electromechanical locks, which can be accessed by means of an electronic wristband. In case a guest forgets his/her locker number, he/she can use the information terminals located in the locker rooms by placing his/her wristband on the reader located on the case of the information terminal.

The entrance of visitors to additional paid services areas is controlled by doors equipped with electromagnetic locks, access controllers and visitor ID readers. Exit from the areas of additional services is carried out by a button located next to the door.

Comprehensive pool automation provides effective control over the operation of all areas and pool occupancy, allowing you to get the most out of your facility.
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