BARS Payment and Access System At Tau Park Skating Rink

Tau Park Shopping Centre management used the BARS system to automate the ice rink
Skating Rink Automation
In Saratov, a large-scale project, Tau Park, was preparing to open in summer and autumn 2019. In winter, a beautiful skating rink with an unusual ice rink design was to start operating in the park, and in summer, two swimming pools would be located in the same place. The company managing the project was looking for a vendor that could provide the park with a reliable payment and access system.
Project: Skating rink automation

Customer: Tau Park

Location: Saratov

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for ice rinks

Result obtained: An automated skating rink with a reliable payment and access system that integrates access points, online sales of skating sessions, payments from standard and automated ticket offices and equipment hire

Customer needed to control visitors' access to the park, automate the sale of skating rink access cards and equipment hire, as well as instructor's services. All sales information from the Tau Park ticket office was to be entered into a popular accounting programme.

Initially, the management company considered solutions from five vendors, then the choice was reduced to three. The park management recognised BARS Payment and Access System as the optimal solution. BARS is a hardware and software complex that integrates cash desks and access points of the facility where the BARS system is installed into a single whole.

The capabilities of BARS Payment and Access System developed by Bars IT met the requirements of the Tau Park management to a greater extent than competing solutions. BARS did not require any modifications for implementation at the skating rink.

Access to the rink is sold on a season ticket system. The means of payment is a plastic RFID card. Visitors buy this card and a season ticket for the required number of sessions at any of the four cash desks – 2 standard cash desks with a cashier or 2 self-service cash desks.

Self-service cash desks
The visitor pays the required amount for skating sessions and, if necessary, for equipment hire, skate sharpening and instructor's services. There are 4 automated rental operator workstations in the rental area.
Tau Park Skating Rink
Tau Park Skating Rink
To make buying sessions as convenient as possible for the park's guests, Bars IT offered Tau Park to implement an online sales module. The implementation of the module allows Customer to sell skating sessions on its website to those visitors who already have a plastic card of the park.

To the purchase of a session, park guests can add a reservation for the right equipment to hire – skates and/or a "skater's helper", for example.

This way, visitors will eliminate the need to queue and it will be easier for them to control their spending at the rink.

Since Customer considered it important to control access to the park and not to the ice area, Bars IT installed 3 Goetschlich turnstiles (Austria) at the entrance to the park and a gate that is convenient for those people who cannot pass through the turnstile – parents with children in prams and people in wheelchairs.

The peculiarity of this project is that plastic card/barcode DK Son readers of own development of Bars IT which read information from plastic cards, are built into turnstiles.
Tau Park Skating Rink
Tau Park Skating Rink
Bars IT shipped the equipment for the access points to Saratov in September 2019, when the park's entrance complex was still under construction. The installation of access points and software for them and automated workplaces for cashiers and rental operators was completed in November 2019. The same month, the skating rink wellcomed visitors.


BARS has linked the access points and all elements of the park's payment system into a single whole. Thus, Customer has full control over the entrance to the park and the receipt of payments, which is necessary for reporting – on the number of visitors, sold sessions, demand for rental equipment and for marketing the park's services. Access points at the entrance to the park also help to control payment. If skating rink visitors exceed the limit of the time they have paid for, they will not be able to leave the park without paying the final price.

Before the New Year holidays, the park management made a request to Bars IT for gift certificates in the form of plastic cards, which are used only to pay for park services. Such certificates with a pre-deposited amount of money will be available for guests to buy in the park and present to their relatives and friends.

Thanks to the integration module with a popular accounting programme, all payments that take place at standard and self-service cash desks, as well as on the Tau Park website, are uploaded to this accounting programme.

Since Customer has entered into a service agreement with Bars IT, Tau Park employees can contact the company's support with any questions about the system operation. Bars IT solves all arising issues. Feedback from Customer helps the developer of the payment and access system to make it better, more convenient for Customer and guests of the park.

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