BARS Payment and Access System at
Siyaniye Severa Ski and Sports Centre

A new alpine ski slope of the centre was automated with the help of a payment and access system. It includes an access point, cashiers' and rental operator's workplaces
Customer: Siyaniye Severa Ski and Sports Centre

Location: Ukhta, Komi Republic

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System developed for ski resorts

Result obtained: an automated ski slope with increased capacity and increased revenue from the sale of lifts to it

Siyaniye Severa Ski and Sports Centre is an all-season recreation place for residents and guests of Ukhta and Ukhta District. A children's playground, exercise area for workout and pavilions for hire are open all year round. In summer, visitors to the centre can play football on the mini-football field, exercise on the universal sports ground, and use the running track.

In winter – skiing on the ski slopes, on the ice playground for hockey and skating, a 450-metre alpine ski slope and a 70-metre tubing slope – two novelties for winter 2019-20. There is a sports equipment rental and instructor service for Siyaniye Severa clients.

In order to automate the rental shop and control access to the cable car lift, a payment and access system with turnstiles and electronic card (ski pass) readers was needed. Since the alpine ski slope at Siyaniye Severa was brand new and there were no access points or any kind of automation, Customer was open to the introduction of the most modern equipment.

It was important for the management of the ski resort to launch the ski slope on 01 January 2020 in order to receive as many guests as possible during the New Year holidays.

After negotiations with Bars IT, Customer decided that the BARS payment and access system met its requirements. In order to speed up the BARS implementation as much as possible, Bars IT employees offered Siyaniye Severa to use the innovative equipment that Bars IT had in stock. Otherwise, the opening of the alpine ski slope would have had to be postponed due to the long delivery time of the equipment.

Since there was only one cable car lift on the alpine ski slope, one turnstile was required, PERKo (Russia), with DK-V 4000 – a ski pass reader with a "long-range" antenna (in-house development of Bars IT).

The long-range antenna ensures contactless passage, as it reads the card at a distance of up to 50 cm. In terms of height, the long-range antenna reads the ski pass in the range of 1 metre, so it is convenient for both adults and children to pass through the checkpoint. There is no need to stop in front of the turnstile, put the ski pass to the reader and wait for the pass signal to go off.
Access point with turnstile,
"long-range" antenna,
DK-V 4000 ski pass reader
The cashiers' workplaces for accepting payment for cable car lifts and the workplace of the rental shop operator are included in the BARS payment and access system.

Bars IT met the agreed deadline for the launch of the payment and access system. It works perfectly, helping the Siyaniye Severa staff to issue sports equipment for hire, sell lifts at the ticket offices, and quickly let visitors onto the cable car lift, increasing the alpine ski slope's capacity and, consequently, the amount of revenue.

Plans For the Future

The management of the ski and sports centre is constantly analysing what needs to be changed in the operation of Siyaniye Severa. The centre plans to organise a snow park – a specially equipped part of the mountain for extreme alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Customer is considering options to expand co-operation with Bars IT. The centre management believes that it will be convenient for the Siyaniye Severa guests to use a bank card instead of a ski pass. Bars IT offers its customers such a solution. This issue is being worked out by Bars IT staff with the customer's bank.
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