Automation of
Yekaterinburg Museum

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System
in a modern museum in the capital of the Urals

: Rossia – Moya Istoria Park

Location: Yekaterinburg, Russia

Предоставленное решение: BARS Payment and Access System

About the Facility

The most modern museum in the city in a new building with an area of 7,000 square metres. The uniqueness of the project is that the history of the Fatherland is presented here panoramically and with the help of digital technologies – the expositions include hundreds of units of multimedia equipment, cinema halls, interactive 3D media with reconstructions of historical events, multimedia maps, a dome with video projection, interactive panoramas and scenery, hundreds of metres of "live tape" of history. The distinctive features of the project are numerous interactive solutions: from historical games, touch screens, projectors, to 3D modelling and digital reconstructions.

BARS Payment and Access System: 2 cash desks, 4 turnstiles and 2 gates

The implemented payment and access control system provides ticket sales and visitor access control. It includes six automated access control points based on turnstiles and gates, two automated cashier workstations, an administrator workstation, and a system server.

The administrator's workstation generates a menu of services and tariffs containing types of tickets/subscriptions and their prices. The cost of tickets can depend on the type of day, time of day, category of visitors: adult/child, pensioner. The simplicity of the interface of the automated workstation of the cashier allows selling tickets as quickly as possible. The price is set automatically, the cashier just selects the required item.

Simple collection of statistics and the ability to flexibly configure analytical systems allows museum management to receive various reports to analyse operational activities and make management decisions.
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