Automation of Water Park Area of Recreation Centre With BARS Payment and Access System

The BARS system adds comfort to water park area guests and minimises the use of cash on site
Customer: AviaBaza Recreation Centre

Location: Kamyshin, Volgograd Region

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for automation of
water parks, saunas and thermae

Result obtained: BARS simplified visitor payments at the entrance and exit. By integrating into the BARS system cafe management software, the payment and access system eliminated the need for guests to pay in cash at the water park area
AviaBaza is a popular recreation place among Kamyshin residents. The recreation centre provides conditions for comfortable and interesting pastime for children and adults. In the hottest summer months a small cosy water park area opens at Aviabaza.

To automate the water park area, the recreation centre management was looking for a payment and access system that would allow to sell sessions to incoming visitors, accept payments from clients at the exit and save them from the need to pay in cash in the cafe inside the water park. The BARS system is perfectly suited for these purposes, so Customer decided to implement this payment and access system.
In order to fulfil all the Customer's requirements, the BARS software and equipment set at the recreation centre includes 2 cashier workstations and 1 administrator workstation. Two PERKO turnstiles with DK LX controllers and MiFare card readers are connected to the payment and access system.

Wristband As Means of Payment In Water Park

As in most facilities related to water procedures, a water-protected electronic wristband was chosen as the single means of payment in the AviaBaza water park area. It is linked to the guest's personal account and the wristband is used to identify the client to the electronic readers.

Since Customer decided that a deposit-based payment system would be more suitable for the water park area, the visitor pays the deposit at the entrance and monitors its consumption using the wristband.

To pass through the turnstile, the visitor also needs a wristband. Each passage is recorded in BARS Payment and Access System.
Pavilion at the entrance to the water park area
Payment and Access System Integration With Café Management System
It was necessary to integrate the BARS system with the cafe management software of the water park area so that visitors could pay in the cafe by applying a wristband to the electronic reader, rather than by cash or bank card, which is not convenient to carry in the water park area, where guests relax in swimming costumes and swim trunks.
Electronic Locks In Lockers
BARS Payment and Access System has a system of PocketKey electronic locks in lockers. They are installed in the locker room of the water park and are designed for safe storage of belongings. The locker can be opened and closed by putting a wristband to the lock.
Electronic locks in lockers
Information Kiosk

Water park area guests do not need to worry about whether they remember their locker number. To find it out, visitors can use the information kiosk at any time.

Simply place a wristband on the information kiosk and the required data will appear on its display.

Fiscal Registrars For 2 Legal Entities
In a water park area, food and drinks in a café and sessions are sold by different legal entities. Accordingly, cheques must be issued by different legal entities. For this purpose Bars IT has provided 2 fiscal registrars in the cash area.
The first communication with Customer took place in 2019. In the second half of spring that year, Bars IT tested its software and equipment from the point of view of the technical side of the payment and access system.

Due to the self-isolation regime, guests were able to come to the AviaBaza water park area only in the first days of July 2019. On hot days, water slides give most visitors incredible pleasure. Those who decide to take a break from water entertainment can sit on sunbeds – sunbathe or shelter from the bright sun under umbrellas.
The BARS payment and access system works exactly as required for comfortable recreation of the guests and convenient management of the facility. Cashiers accept payment for sessions, give visitors wristbands with which they use to pass through the checkpoint and pay for purchases in the water park area café. The guests are confident in the safety of personal belongings left under lock in the locker.

We warmly thank the AviaBaza management for the beautiful photos.
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