Automation of Sochi Arboretum

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System
in the Arboretum of the popular resort town

Facility: Arboretum

Location: Sochi, Krasnodar Territory

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for parks

About the Facility

The Arboretum Park is rightfully considered one of the iconic places of Sochi, it is often called "the green heart of the resort". The Sochi Arboretum is a unique collection of subtropical flora and fauna, a monument of garden and park art. The area of 46,4 hectares contains trees and shrubs brought from all over the world.

BARS Payment and Access System: 5 cash desks, 3 self-service cash desks, 7 turnstiles and 3 gates

The payment and access system in the Arboretum allows numerous park visitors to quickly and conveniently pay for visits to the park by tickets or subscriptions (monthly, annual), control and ensure comfortable passage through different accesses to three zones: visiting the Arboretum Park, the exhibition exposition of Villa Nadezhda, the lower part of the Arboretum Park. Tickets or passes for a guided or unguided visit can be purchased at the park's ticket offices, self-service ticket offices and mobile ticket offices.

The BARS payment and pass system has linked individual access points in several zones into a unified whole. Thus, the management has full control over access to the park and collection of payments. The park management receives various types of reports.
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