Automation of Republican Sports Training Centre

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System in the largest sports facility in Bashkiria

: Batalova Sports Training Centre of the Bashkiria Republic

Location: Ufa, Bashkiria, Russia

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for sports & wellness centres wih swimming pools and fitness centres

About the Facility

The largest sports facility in the republic, which meets all standards for training and competitions of international level. It includes a universal sports hall with grandstands, a track and field stadium, 4 tennis courts, 4 swimming pools for adults and children, halls for boxing, fencing, dry swimming, a gym, as well as a medical centre, a hotel, a cafe, a car park. The total area of the complex is over 37,000 square metres.

About 3,900 athletes and spectators will be able to visit it at the same time. All conditions for training in 49 sports, including for people with disabilities, have been created here.

BARS Payment and Access System: 2 cash desks, 2 turnstiles, 2 gates, 3 desktop 2D scanners, 2 fiscal registrars, 2 desktop readers, 32 electromechanical locks, 1,000 electronic wristbands, 2,000 electronic access cards

The implemented BARS payment and access system provides visitors of the centre with a convenient, fast way of payment and registration of a season ticket or a single visit, receipt of an electronic wristband with access to various areas of the sports complex for training and competitions. Saving time at the pass increases the loyalty of visitors and makes the process of sports activities more comfortable.

The automated workplace of the administrator allows setting the main parameters of the system, setting up tariff plans, schedules, logic of turnstiles operation, monitoring the workload of areas, issuing equipment.

Receiving various reports on all aspects of sales and centre operations in real time helps management in making important decisions to maximise profits and create the perfect place for athletes to train and prepare future champions.
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