Automation of
Novosibirsk Water Park

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System
in the largest water park in Siberia
Photo: Aquamir

: Aquamir Indoor Water Park

Location: Novosibirsk, Russia

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for water parks and thermae

About the Facility

The largest water park in Siberia and Novosibirsk. Water amusements, wave pool, large thermal complex, SPA. The total area of the sports and recreation centre is 100,000 square metres, of which the water park itself is 40,000 square metres. The facility can accommodate up to 3,000 people at a time.

BARS Payment and Access System: 14 cash desks, 1 self-service kiosk, 17 turnstiles, 2,448 Gantner contactless electronic locks, 14 information terminals

A convenient payment and access system has been implemented, which integrates the workplaces of cashiers connected to checkpoints, turnstiles with bracelet receivers at the exit, information kiosks and payment for purchases at food outlets inside the water park.

To make visiting the water park even more comfortable for guests, food points located inside are integrated into the BARS payment and access system. Using the wristband, you can pay for your purchases in bars and cafes. Guests are always aware of their expenses. Inside, there are information kiosks that are convenient for customers to use to look up their locker number, check how much money is left in the account and how much prepaid time visitors can still spend in the water park. Visitors put a wristband on the information kiosk reader and all the necessary information is displayed on the screen.

The BARS payment and access system ensures order at the entrance to the water park, helps staff control payment for services and prevents abuse. Thus, the BARS system solves important tasks of water park management – access control, collection of fees for services – own and provided by tenants, mutual settlements with them.
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