Automation of
Multifunctional Sports Arena

Implementation of BARS Payment and Access System
in the largest cultural and sports facility in the Chernozem region

: Belgorod Arena

Location: Belgorod, Russia

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for ice arenas and skating rinks

About the Facility

The Belgorod Arena is one of the most popular venues for sporting events in the city. Multifunctional sports arena for 10,000 seats. This is the largest cultural and sports facility in the Central Russia region and a modern center for events of any level and format: championships, sports days, shows, concerts, congresses, seminars, trainings, presentations. The area of the territory is over 51,000 sq.m, the total area of the five-story building is about 33,000 sq.m, the main hall is 8,8 thousand sq.m, a fitness room, a boxing room and a universal training room, as well as food court areas and a sports museum.

BARS Payment and Access System: 3 cash desks, 4 self-service kiosks, 19 turnstiles, 6 gates, 12 mobile smartphone based checkpoints

Comprehensive automation of the arena based on BARS Payment and Access System covers the ticketing system, authorised access of spectators to the arena, collection and processing of reporting information on site visits. The implemented complex ensures high peak throughput, convenient passage and payment for numerous guests.

The automated workplace of the administrator allows flexible formation of the list of services and their various tariff plans, and the cashier's workstation is configured to sell at maximum speed. The system allows to make a choice of the type of service subscription according to the menu of services, to sell tickets by seats. The cost of tickets can vary depending on the sector and the proximity of the seat to the arena. On the guest monitor there is a display of the seat layout for the visitor to choose a seat. Ticket sales through self-service ticket offices and the website are also implemented.

Implemented mobile access points based on mobile data collection terminals to ensure fast passage to events based on paid tickets. The system provides accurate and complete information on all aspects of season ticketing, ticketing and visitor entry control in real time. Management has one-stop access to data related to all operational activities of the facility, ensuring timely information for effective stadium management.
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