Automation of Belgorod Zoo

Implementation of the BARS payment and access system in a 25-hectare complex and 43 animal expositions

: Belgorod Zoo

Location: Belgorod, Russia

Solution provided: BARS Payment and Access System for parks

About the Facility

The territory of the complex occupies 25 hectares and accommodates 43 expositions for animals with spacious outdoor paddocks and heated rooms for wintering. A large artificial lake with a water surface of about 2 hectares is arranged for waterfowl. There is a souvenir shop, a contact area, a café, playgrounds and recreation areas for visitors.

BARS Payment and Access System: 3 cash desks, 4 turnstiles, 1 gate

The payment and access system at the entrance area includes automated workplaces for cashiers, turnstiles and a gate for people with disabilities. The system calculates income, visitors, provides pricing management for various ticket and excursion programs for any categories of visitors: family, group, individual, night, etc. Given the large number of visitors to the park, the BARS system provides speed of service, increase financial results and efficiency
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